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Hello Colonial Students & Parents,

At CVSD, we understand that students sometimes need a learning environment that is more flexible in nature. This is why in August of 2020, our district created the Conewago Valley Online Academy (CVOA).  It is a remote learning experience that is coordinated by our own teachers! As the program developed, we made some improvements to it, so if your child was enrolled previously, be sure to examine the details below with regard to how it will work. Below, you will find the aforementioned revised CVOA plan for New Oxford Middle School.

Why would my child wish to enroll in CVOA?

  • It provides an opportunity for a quality education in a remote setting, using CVSD curriculum, taught by CVSD teachers. Your child will still remain a Colonial even though they receive their education online. The program provides for a variety of learning experiences and is flexible in nature.

What will instruction look like for my child in CVOA?

  • CVOA curriculum will resemble what students would get if they attended in the building on a regular basis. Instructionally, there will be a mixture of synchronous and asynchronous learning activities. There is a weekly zoom session required of all students in each online course. Students can expect to have about 4 hours of online instruction assigned per course, per week.

How will my child’s attendance be tracked for CVOA?

  • Attendance is logged daily using completion of asynchronous activities assigned by teachers. Required zooms must be attended as this will count towards attendance. If a student cannot attend the scheduled zoom in a class, they should make it up  by zooming with teachers during office hours.
  • Attendance will be determined largely by work completion. If work is being completed & submitted timely, then students are “attending”.

What tools will my child have access to in CVOA?

  • Your child will receive a CVSD 7th generation Apple iPad with Apple brick & cord to complete all coursework. The device (apps/email/brower) is monitored for appropriate content by our district server. Although it’s not perfect, it will provide you with a layer of protection & support that when your child is using the device, it will be for appropriate material.
  • Your child will have access to our learning management system (Schoology) which all of our students in the building use as well. He/She will also be able to use resources such as Skyward, IXL, Flocabulary, Nearpod, Notability and many other platforms.

What can I do if my child struggles in CVOA?

  • There are supports built into our program that begin with the classroom teacher and/or guidance counselors. Both will work diligently to ensure your child has the best chance for success while attending CVOA.
  • Parents are strongly encouraged to monitor their child’s progress on Skyward on a weekly basis.
  • For students who fall below the passing threshold, an opportunity to attend Fridays in person can be arranged. This will give struggling students an opportunity to meet personally with their teachers during their “online” time frame.
  • Guidance staff is available at an agreed upon time to meet with students and/or parents to discuss academic issues and provide strategies to allow for a better experience.

If CVOA is something that may seem to be a fit for your child or if you’d like additional information, please feel free to reach out to the middle school office. Contact information is below. Space is limited and we can accommodate about 15-20 students per grade level.

Best Regards,

Matt Muller

Matt Muller- Principal

New Oxford Middle School

[email protected]

717-624-2157 x3001